The Ace of Clubland

It was bright red, unlike the films where it’s deep, thick and almost purple. But this guy’s blood was bright red and it formed into the shape of the Ace of Spades on the ground. I pushed the thought out of my head and knelt next to man on the ground. The guy is sprawled out on the deck, his arms are stretched out either side of his torso and his feet are crossed, reminding me of Jesus on the cross. He is youngish looking, masculine, obviously plays sports, rugby would be my guess.

A girl in a gold top is cradling his head. He is unconscious. She looks hesitant, she squats over him trying to cover her modesty but at the same time she tries to avoid getting further bloodied. The girl’s forearms are covered in blood and there is small splash on her chin though her shiny gold top is unblemished.

My initial thought was: ‘he’s dead, there’s a dead guy on the pavement’ but as I move to check his pulse he suddenly thrashes his head. People walk past, a chavvy bloke steps over the injured man’s legs, trips slightly and is more concerned about spilling his kebab than soiling a man’s dignity.

CB updates control and tells them the situation. We’re all alone in Clubland, it is 4am and the clubs have just kicked out and there is a bad atmosphere. This is a feud that has spilt out of a club and into the street. He doesn’t look the type to go looking for a fight judging by his clothes and he has an expensive watch on too, so no obvious indications of robbery. His wallet was still on him aswell.

There is a large flap of skin hanging from the back of his head which the girl’s hands reluctantly touch. I check him over for any other injuries, he has bruises on his chest, his chin is split though no stab wounds so I breathe easy. He has minor injuries but it’s not as bad as I first thought but it is still a head injury. Maybe a concussion judging from his pupils. His eyes role in his head as he tries to turn on his side, blood flows from his nose and mouth. The girl moves back and I rest his head on his arm and move his legs into the recovery position.

The paramedics were quick enough, they quickly move him onto a stretcher and wheel him into the ambo. I watch as the girl rose to her feet. Her elbows are bent with her wrists limp as if leaning on an invisible barrier. She looks a mess, though I imagine she took great effort in her appearance tonight. Now you couldn’t tell.

CB is back at the station and I wait outside the ambo until they are ready to move. I thought I would shake, I thought I would feel some great emotion, anger, sadness, but I am still and numb.

I wonder over to the girl who is now trying to clean her hands in vain and  I ask: ‘So he’s your boyfriend yea? What’s his name love?’. Her eyes glaze, she looks vacant, she is obviously in shock as her skin is very pale ‘I didn’t know him, he just needed help’.